GIFs of the week: 5/3-5/9

Where else would you start? Suarez’s tears are the lasting image of Liverpool’s shocking collapse at Selhurst Park. It’s hard to feel sad for Suarez, but the 3-3 draw was hell on Liverpool supporters.

Earlier in the weekend, Ross Barkley’s beautiful strike against Manchester City briefly gave Liverpool’s title chances a boost. Credit to City: they bounced back with aplomb in a 3-2 win at Goodison Park.

On the opposite end of the emotional spectrum, Juventus celebrated their second straight Serie A title.

Cristiano Ronaldo is decent. That stoppage time equalizer kept Real Madrid’s slim Spanish title hopes alive.

So this is a long one, but it’s worth it. Sunderland complete 30 passes, featuring all 11 players, before Borini hits the crossbar. Note also that this was in the 84th minute of a game Sunderland led at Old Trafford. Possessing the ball for over a minute is exactly what Sunderland needed.


Off the field, here’s Lukas Podolski playing head tennis with a sea lion.


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