Goodbye, Gus

gus2We hardly knew him, in truth. Gus Johnson was a part of this “soccer in America” thing for all of 19 months, during which he graced, what, maybe 20 games in total? He was criticized before, during, and after almost every one, including on this here blog. And now Johnson and Fox have agreed that this wasn’t going to work out—not because of criticism, they insist—because Gus isn’t able to give his full attention to the game with his basketball and football obligations. Johnson may well continue to call soccer for Fox, but he won’t be their lead announcer at either the Women’s World Cup next summer or the Men’s World Cup in 2018.

I happen to believe that this decision is for the best, though the family circumstances that led to Johnson’s decision are unfortunate. But the question mark of Gus Johnson as a soccer announcer is now replaced by the question mark of an unknown commentator. Someone—more than one someone, in truth—will have to replace him.

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